Hyfe for Digital Companions

Increase treatment engagement and adherence by showing users the positive impact on their coughing

Hyfe increases adherence by giving patients more visibility over improving symptoms. 

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Digital Companions

Use cough data to increase personalisation. 

Personalisation is accelerating across digital therapeutics and companion apps. It helps patients trust the process, increases adherence, gets users to better outcomes faster.

Hyfe provides an easy-to-integrate novel data stream that helps users visualize their progress regarding their cough - the world’s most prevalent health symptom. And it gives you critical information to adapt pathways or trigger valuable content.

High value insights, fast.

Easy to use: Works accurately on any mic-enabled device, tracking coughs in the background with no patient action required
Powerful insights: Add cough to existing dashboards; we can advise on datastreams to combine with cough data for maximum
Highly engaging: data-driven digital companions can make patients 2-3x more likely to stick with treatment after 12 months*
*”IQVIA study proves medisafe digital companion dramatically improves medication adherence” 2020.


Real-world cough-detection accuracy


Research trials with leading healthcare institutions


cough sounds in the world’s largest dataset


“Hyfe makes me more aware of things that I do, number one. And number two, we established very clearly with the doctor, it's a morning cough just after I wake up. It's not an issue with the lungs. It's actually GERD with the stomach, which is good news for me. So definitely, it did help.”
Maciej, 56.
“I have a lot of ups and downs during the day, you know, like, the doctor will ask me, ‘Well, are you having a good week or a good day?’ and I said, ‘I have good hours.’ And ups and downs by hour. I do have ups and downs by day. But this has helped me to see how much up and down by hour and by day.”’
Debbie, 68