Cough Monitoring

Scientist Use Hyfe to Track Cough in Long Covid

May 3, 2022


Long coronavirus disease (COVID) refers to an array of variable and fluctuating symptoms experienced after acute illness, with signs and symptoms that persist for 8–12 weeks and are not otherwise explicable. Cough is the most common symptom of acute COVID-19, but cough may persist in some individuals for weeks or months after recovery from acute phase. Long-COVID cough patients may get stigmatised because of the public fear of contagion and reinfection. However, clinical characteristics and longitudinal course of long-COVID cough have not been reported in detail, and evidence-based treatment is also lacking. In this paper, we describe a case of long-COVID severe refractory cough with features of laryngeal hypersensitivity and dysfunction. We characterized cough using patient-reported outcomes and engaged in continuous cough frequency monitoring. Through the case study, we discuss potential mechanisms, managements, and clinical implications of long-COVID refractory cough problems.

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