Hyfe for Remote Care

Monitor cough, the world’s most common symptom

With Hyfe, you can track patients’ coughs over time - remotely, passively, and accurately.

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Coughing is critical information

The opportunity to care for patients outside of hospitals is transforming healthcare. But despite being the world’s most commonly reported symptom, cough data has remained elusive and subjective.

Hyfe changes that, with its easy-to-integrate AI-based models that detect and track cough in the real-world. Whether you’re caring for patients with asthma, allergies, copd, gerd or any other indication with respiratory impacts, Hyfe lets you accurately and remotely track patient health.

Easily integrated into any device

Hyfe tracks and detects cough with 99%+ accuracy on any mic-enabled device, with no need for patient intervention. From the beginning, Hyfe has prioritized usability and ease of access. Our models have been validated in environments as diverse as rural Spain and cities in India.

Integration is seamless; cough data can be added to your existing dashboards for viewing by patients, or clinicians, or both. Get in touch to discuss how cough can be combined with existing data streams to supplement remote care.


Real-world cough-detection accuracy


Research trials with leading healthcare institutions


cough sounds in the world’s largest dataset


"Hyfe makes me more aware of things that I do, number one. And number two, we established very clearly with the doctor, it's a morning cough just after I wake up. It's not an issue with the lungs. It's actually GERD with the stomach, which is good news for me. So definitely, it did help."
Maciej, 56.
“I have a lot of ups and downs during the day, you know, like, the doctor will ask me, ‘Well, are you having a good week or a good day?’ and I said, ‘I have good hours.’ And ups and downs by hour. I do have ups and downs by day. But this has helped me to see how much up and down by hour and by day.”
Debbie, 68