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Cough data is relevant for everyone.

1 in 10 adults suffers with a chronic cough. 25% of people suffer from asthma, COPD, or allergies. Most otherwise healthy people will suffer 2-5 acute coughing episodes every year. Whether your users are focused on health, wellbeing or parenting, cough data is valuable to them. By integrating Hyfe, you can help them visualize their - and their families - cough patterns for the first time.

Cough Data is relevant

Combine Hyfe cough data with your proprietary data streams to help your users improve their life

By tracking their cough patterns, your users can gain new insights into common conditions as varied as asthma, allergies, COPD & GERD. Cough data uncovers previously hidden triggers and opportunities for proactive management of symptoms. These can be systematically applied over time to improve quality of life and deliver a richer, more meaningful user experience.

Enrich your users’ experience with an objective data stream so they can make more insight-driven decisions about their daily life.

We want our smart devices to help users understand the world around them and help them make more informed choices. But so often, it’s hard for them to make sense of all the data they receive and practically apply this to improve day to day outcomes.
Hyfe’s highly accurate detection and monitoring capabilities provide objective symptom signals to validate and inform your users choices and sustain meaningful improvements for them over time.


Real-world cough-detection accuracy

Multiple Applications

Multiple applications across health, wellbeing and parenting


“As an asthmatic and allergy sufferer I often defaulted to indoor exercise, without thinking about the quality of air in my own apartment. With more understanding of my cough I am so much more aware of the impact of my environment on my conditions and how to better manage them”
Hayfever Sufferer, 26
“It has been a huge relief to be able to more meaningfully monitor my families health through cold and flu season this year”
Mum of two under 5, 32.