Hyfe's 7th Cough Science Forum

July 1, 2024

On the 29th of May, we had the pleasure of hosting the 7th Hyfe's Cough Science Forum featuring 4 expert speakers introducing their work and progress in the field of cough science. For the first time, we're making the recording of this meeting available on demand, following requests from our attendees. This means you can now watch  the meeting at your convenience, by filling out the form below.

Meeting Agenda:

Cough monitoring as part of remote home monitoring program for people with COPD after a recent exacerbation

Speaker: Jansen Zhou (Robert Wu), University Health Network, Sinai Health System, University of Toronto

Chronic Bronchitis and Cough: A 5-Patient Snapshot
Speaker: Dan Copeland, Renovion

Use of a digital device to detect cough in heart failure patients
Speaker: Matthew Lassman, McGill University Health Center

Accelerating Cough-Based Tuberculosis Detection Through Open Collaboration: The CODA TB DREAM Challenge
Speaker: Stephen Burkot, Global Health Labs

Cough Science Forum is a quarterly Zoom event organized by Hyfe. The objectives of this meeting are:

  • Build a network of researchers and health practitioners who are interested in the acoustic analysis of cough and its potential impact on healthcare
  • Accelerate progress in the field by hosting a forum where groundbreaking ideas and findings can be discussed and rapidly cross-fertilized between academic disciplines

The inspiring presentations and fruitful discussions are something our team looks forward to every quarter, and we invite you to watch the recording and join us in our next meeting in September. You can find more information about the Cough Science Forum as well as the meeting times on our Research Page

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