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Hyfe builds evidence-based, AI-driven, scalable instruments for diagnostics and monitoring.
Using smartphones and acoustic epidemiology we are making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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Coughs, sneezes, wheezing, snoring, sniffles, hoarse speech. These sounds contain essential diagnostic information for physicians.

Equally informative are subtle changes over time which indicate the onset of an illness, its convalescence, its long-term impacts, and the risk of future outcomes.

Coughs contain information. Subtle changes in frequency over time can indicate the onset of an illness and can help patients and providers understand, monitor and treat illness.

acoustic epedemiology

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Virtual Care

Virtual Care

Monitor cough, remotely and passively, to reduce hospitalisations, save costs and improve outcomes.

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Life Sciences

Use accurate, non-intrusive cough monitoring to deliver more effective clinical trials from better patient screening to novel study endpoints.

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Enhance your research toolkit with a meaningful endpoint for one for the world’s most common symptoms.

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Hyfe was founded to transform healthcare and impact global health through acoustic epidemiology. To do so, Hyfe is creating tools for diagnostics and monitoring that are:

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