Remote cough monitoring enables better care and lower costs.

We help providers have a more informed picture of their patients’ symptoms, shorten time to diagnosis, and reduce hospital readmissions. Our software can help drive high patient engagement and better overall outcomes.

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Hyfe can help you:

Identify exacerbations early
Prioritize HCP resources
Inform physicians of a change in symptoms
Engage patients to self-manage

Simple, fast integration.

Hyfe is device-agnostic, fitting seamlessly into existing remote-patient-monitoring and hospital-at-home systems. Cough data can be added to your existing dashboards for viewing by healthcare providers, or patients, or both.

Our SDK works on any mic-enabled device, from wearables to smartphones to tablets, or we can connect you to one of our partners to supply devices. Regardless of the form factor, our monitoring is highly accurate with 95%+ sensitivity and <1 false positive per hour - all whilst preserving patient privacy.



“Until now, physicians have had to rely on subjective cough data, self-reported by patients.  It’s unreliable, inaccurate misinformation, yet it has had to form the basis of diagnostics and disease-management simply because we haven’t had any alternative.  Now, with Hyfe, we do - and the insights revealed by objective cough monitoring will improve healthcare for millions.”