The world’s most advanced technology for monitoring cough

Hyfe builds evidence-based, AI-driven, scalable instruments for diagnostics and monitoring.
Using smartphones and acoustic epidemiology we are making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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Redefine health insights with the Hyfe CoughMonitor Suite,
powered by Hyfe’s globally recognized and clinically validated AI algorithms

The Hyfe CoughMonitor Suite allows high-performance detection and monitoring of coughs in the real world. Designed with precision at its core, the suite includes a state-of-the-art wearable device, a companion app, and a comprehensive dashboard for researchers and health professionals.
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Proven Real-World Functionality:

Our technology matches or surpasses the accuracy of human detection, ensuring no cough goes unnoticed (request validation paper).

As Reliable as a trained Human Ear:

Our algorithms have been trained based on millions of human-annotated coughs, ensuring unmatched fidelity (request validation paper).

Longitudinal Monitoring:

Uniquely capable of tracking cough frequency and patterns over any time span, offering insights that can only be revealed over longer periods of time.

Passive monitoring:

The Hyfe CoughMonitor Suite just works. It runs in the background and once set does not require any action from the patient or participants.

Clinically Proven and trusted by the world’s most demanding scientific teams:

Backed by validation in 46 investigator-initiated trials, Hyfe’s algorithms are trusted by the most demanding medical and scientific communities worldwide.


Designed to work effortlessly on any scale, eliminating the need for external dependencies and offering versatile application possibilities.

Use Cases

Life Sciences

In the realm of clinical trials, pharmaceutical research, and drug development, the Hyfe CoughMonitor emerges as an essential tool. For the first time ever, researchers can access precise, real-time data on cough patterns, frequency, and intensity over any period of time, enabling the detailed analysis necessary for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.


For patient monitoring and management in conditions such as COPD, CHF, Asthma, and Lung Cancer, the Hyfe CoughMonitor Suite provides a vital lifeline. It allows healthcare providers to track cough symptoms remotely with unmatched accuracy, facilitating timely interventions and personalized care plans for patients.


AI-Powered Real-Time Cough Detection

Utilizes AI algorithms to identify cough sounds accurately in real-time, ensuring immediate and precise monitoring.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Detailed analysis of cough patterns, frequency, duration, and intensity. Dashboards designed for the rigors of modern, randomized control trials. 

Longitudinal Monitoring

Capable of tracking cough trends over extended periods, from days to months, enabling true longitudinal health assessments and eliminating risks and inaccuracies related to 24h monitoring.

Non-Invasive Monitoring

Passive continuous cough monitoring that is hassle-free, comfortable and convenient for users.

Validated in the Real World

Hyfe’s advanced AI algorithms are validated in 46 clinical trials.

Multi-Environment Adaptability

Engineered to function seamlessly in diverse real-world settings, delivering performance in the very environments where patients and participants live.

Scalable Technology

Designed to cater to individual users as well as large-scale, multi-country research studies, adaptable to any deployment.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Provides customizable options for alerts, enabling users, researchers or healthcare providers to act promptly on critical signals.

Secure Processing and Data Management

Detection runs on device, eliminating privacy risks and concerns. 


CoughMonitor Companion app

The Companion app allows researchers to log participants onto the CoughMonitor and automatically sends data via the phone's internet connection to Hyfe's cloud. It facilitates  collecting Patient Report Outcomes.


CoughMonitor continuously deploys an acoustic signal processing algorithm to automatically identify coughs. The times at which coughing occurred are sent via Bluetooth to a dedicated mobile app.

Hyfe Cloud

The data is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed for review through the Insights Dashboard.

Insights Dashboard

The Dashboard allows researchers to monitor study participants and download data.