Integrate Cough
as an Endpoint

with CoughMonitor Suite

The CoughMonitor Suite is a comprehensive research tool for measuring cough as an endpoint in clinical trials. A slim, lightweight watch collects reliable, validated, continuous cough data while patients go about their normal daily lives.
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Hyfe builds evidence-based, AI-driven, scalable instruments for diagnostics and monitoring.
Using smartphones and acoustic epidemiology we are making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

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Comprehensive Services for Reliable Study Execution

Researching, consultations, and resources for developing the literature and research components of protocol development and scientific review.
Setting up your database for storing cough monitoring data, ensuring complete control and privacy with option to build a locked database as required.
Ensuring timely shipping and arrival of CMS components worldwide while complying with import/export regulations and customs laws
Systematic training on site and remote, online, via Knowledge Hive, our e-learning platform.
Online Help Desk with self-served videos and accessible user guides, along with a comprehensive phone support tailored to accommodate clients across various timezones.
Daily site performance monitoring to ensure regular syncing and reliable data
The Companion phone app collects validated PROs, such as VAS and LCQ, and health questionnaires as required. The surveys can be tailored to your study, with timely notifications to drive adherence.
Data analysis to maximize the insights you get from cough monitoring data.
Scope of services is very flexible, Hyfe is a frequent partner to many CROs

Unobtrusive, Clinically Validated, Always-on:
Reliable Results for any Clinical Study.

Hyfe AI can be deployed on any smart device for reliable cough detection, tracking and management at scale.

Continuous Monitoring

Hyfe’s tools provide uninterrupted cough monitoring for weeks, months, or even years, unlike other technologies that are limited to 24-hour or overnight sessions.

Unobtrusive Form Factor

Hyfe’s watch is a familiar, convenient form factor appealing to users of all tech literacy levels and requiring no patient interaction. Its simplicity and ease of use ensures patient compliance and data collection success.

Privacy Preserving

Hyfe’s AI cough detection models run entirely on device, ensuring 100% privacy by analyzing only cough timestamps without recording any sounds.

Clinically Validated

Hyfe’s tools outperform alternatives with consistent, scientifically backed results and very low false positives, as demonstrated in clinical studies. Validation results - 90% sensitivity & 1 FP/ h

Backed by Experience

Hyfe’s processes and services have been honed through 46 global clinical trials, demonstrating reliable performance and precision in scalable cough detection across diverse field research settings.

Trusted By Coughers and Health Providers

Thousands of coughers and health providers worldwide rely on Hyfe’s AI cough detection models daily.

Hyfe Supports All Parts
of the Drug Development Pipeline

Natural history studies
Real-world evidence generation
Eligibility screening
Treatment efficacy/Study endpoint
Adverse effect monitoring
Market expansion