Julian Atim

MD, MPH, MBA - MD from Makerere, MPH from Harvard and MBA from Isenberg School

Dr. Julian Atim leads Clinical Research at Global Health Labs (GH Labs), overseeing clinical research conducted by GH Labs and our partners while also serving as our primary advisor for medical affairs across all of our strategic portfolios and each product development lifecycle.

Julian's nearly 20 years of experience spans clinical care in rural hospitals, healthcare quality improvement, and health product innovation, evaluation, and introduction. She has partnered with government, industry, academic, and non-profit stakeholders to strengthen health service delivery in Uganda, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

Earlier in her career, Julian advised a range of Ministries of Health in low- and middle-income countries to introduce and scale up best practices in health service delivery, including innovativenew medical products such as malaria diagnostics and injectable artesunate for managing severe malaria. She also served as a Business Innovation Fellow advising on translational science for health technology innovation for the state-funded Life Sciences Laboratory at UMass.

Julian earned her MBA from UMass Amherst, MPH from Harvard University, and MD from Makerere University in Uganda.

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