Laurie Slovarp, CCC-SLP

Associate Professor of Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Montana.

Is an Associate Professor in the School of Speech, Language, Hearing, and Occupational Sciences at University of Montana. Dr. Slovarp received a Master’s of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Arizona State University in 2000 and a PhD in Independent Interdisciplinary studies at University of Montana in August 2015.  Following attainment of her M.S. degree, she worked in hospital, outpatient rehabilitation, home health, skillednursing and university settings for 10 years. She joined the CSD faculty at University of Montana in 2010.

Dr. Slovarp is a swallowing, voice, and upper airway specialist with specialty training in fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and videostroboscopy. She is the director of the Voice Outcomes and Inquiry of Cough and Essentials in Swallowing (VOICES) lab. She has published several peer-reviewed research papers and presented at multiple state and national conferences. Her current research is focused on improving care for patients with chronic cough due to cough hypersensitivity syndrome (CHS). Her research agenda focuses on the following long-term objectives:

  1. Improve efficacy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of care of patients with chronic cough due CHS.
  2. Develop new and innovative assessment and treatment strategies that target gaps and inadequacies in current management techniques and models for patients with CHS.
  3. Understand the underlying mechanisms involved in cough hypersensitivity and behavioural cough treatment.

Dr. Slovarp’s research has been supported through the Mountain West Clinical Translational Research Infrastructure Network (MW-CTRIN) and the Montana IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) under grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. She has also been awarded funding through the University of Montana Small Grant Program and the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

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