Feasibility and Utility of a Smartphone Application-Based Longitudinal Cough Monitoring in Chronic Cough Patients in a Real-World Setting


The substantial day-to-day variability in objective cough frequency highlights the need for continuous monitoring. Grasping the implications of daily cough variability is crucial in both clinical practice and clinical trials.

Authors: Seung-Eun Lee, Matthew Rudd, Tae-Hwa Kim, Ji-Yoon Oh, Ji-Hyang Lee, Lola Jover, Peter M Small, Kian Fan Chung, Woo-Jung Song

This study focused on evaluating the Hyfe Cough Tracker. This mobile app, equipped with cough-counting AI algorithms, was used to monitor cough frequency in patients with chronic cough over a minimum period of one week. The research involved 65 subjects, with 43 completing the study. 

Key findings included a median monitoring duration of 13.9 days with high adherence, variations in cough frequency, and a correlation between objective and subjective cough measures. 

The study concluded that continuous monitoring is essential due to the significant day-to-day variability in cough frequency, emphasizing its importance in clinical practice and trials. The majority of participants found the monitoring helpful and easy to use, indicating the potential utility of such technology in managing chronic cough conditions