Hyfe for Research Trials

Enhance your research toolkit with a meaningful endpoint for one of the worlds most common symptoms

Cough, and its dynamics over time, are a key indicator of both the status and severity of a broad spectrum of chronic conditions and the efficacy of their treatment. However, traditional approaches have relied on highly subjective patient feedback or static, anomalous measurement practices that lack in substance and accuracy. Deployment of Hyfe’s research solution allows you to bring greater clinical rigour to your findings without sacrificing the inherent value of capturing them as they present in a real world environment.


Use cough data to differentiate your approach and boost results.

Hyfe can support pre-enrolment screening to get more of the right subjects into your trial, reducing lead times for deployment and improving time to results. Add layers of insight and sponsor value to your findings with our highly accurate, objective endpoints.

Hyfe adds value at every stage of your research process:

Recruitment & Participant Enrichment: Screen for the right participants quickly and objectively
Deployment: Add cough to existing dashboards; we can advise on datastreams to combine with cough data for maximum
Research Phase: Dramatically reduce operational costs and increase potential study period on a per patient basis compared to static monitoringResults - provide richer, more meaningful insights for your sponsors, regulators, partners and readers


Real-world cough-detection accuracy


Research trials with leading healthcare institutions


cough sounds in the world’s largest dataset


‘Before Hyfe, we had no way of validating the severity of cough beyond PRO’s when we were recruiting. (Hyfe’s) screening means we can massively reduce the cost and impact of mis-recruitment’
Keen Marathon runner, 42.
“As a chronic cougher I have so much more understanding of what triggers my condition and how to manage it day to day’”
Wellness fanatic, 37.